Exploring the Czech Republic – Chateau Červená Lhota

Hey travellers!

I’m flying around the whole world & exploring all kinds of places but I’ve been forgetting about our beautiful land! At the beginning of summer my mom went to the spa in Trebon and I had a few days off so I came to visit her for a few days. Otherwise I would probably never even get to Southern Bohemia. Ironically, it turned out that my mom didn’t even attend any of the procedures in the end and was discovering places with me.

And I’d love to write about one of those places today! This incredible and unique place is called Červená Lhota and it was actually my second time to visit it. Last time I even saw it from the top when on a sightseeing flight. There’s a pond around the castle in which, with a bit of luck and windless weater, the red renaissance-architecture is mirroring. But if you have a drone, be sure to bring it with you, because Červená Lhota looks the best from the top! There’s also a beautiful park, which is worth a walk. 

The origins of this national cultural monument date back to the 14th century, but at that time it was just a fortress. In the 16th century it was rebuilt into this red chateau – exactly as it looks today. Even though the chateau is the third most visited in South Bohemia (after Krumlov and Hluboká), I’ve never seen many people here. Guided tours are possible and last for 50 minutes.

Anyways, do you think it’s worth visiting? Or have you been here before?