Two coats are not enought for this weather

Hey guys!

Yaaaaaaay! Exams are FINALLY over!!! There are three months of break ahead of me!! Actually I still have to go to school, but I have only three subjects, so it’ll be easyyyyyy! I will finally do what I like to do, not what I have to do! The stress was gone the second I turned it the last test yesterday, I’m pretty sure I failed it, but I don’t care anymore haha!:) In March, I will have to put some effort to get to this exchange student program since iI’m trying to apply to Norway, Iceland and the States. Where else, haha. My three favorite countries. 

Anyways, last week it was so cold that I had to wear to coats at the same time. To be more specific – one coat and one fur coat. No one likes this coat. When I came to the gym one day, my (very honest) client said with a smile: “woow, what’s is that?” (It seemed like she liked it). And then she added: “It’s horrible. You look like a devil.” And she kept smiling. Vojta’s best friend told me that I look like a “cocain queen”. But I don’t care, it’s my style and I love this faux fur coat so much. Because it’s cozy & warm and I bought it for about $15. It was on sale, so I guess that means something too, but I won’t put it away anyways. 

Anyways, last week, I decided, that I won’t buy new clothes for at least two months and all of my outfits here, on the blog, will be composed of my “old stuff”. Because I don’t see any purpose in buying new and new clothes. So this is the last outfit with a new piece and from now on, I’ll be trying to use just my old stuff. 

Keep your fingers crossed and have a wonderful Saturday evening, guys! 


Fur Coat – Gate
Coat – Boohoo
Shoes –
Handbag – Zara
Sweathirt – Zara
Shirt – Gant
Glasses – H&M
Beanie – Primark