Exploring the Czech Republic – Třeboň

Hey guys! 

So I think we’ve had enough of Germany, Italy and Austria now. Let’s go back to my home country and explore it a little bit more. In the previous article you read about Cervena Lhota Chateau, but Trebon is also the icon of Southern Bohemia. 

And why is this small town so popular with tourists? There are huge spas where lots of people go for recreation (including my mom, which was actually the reason for my visit).

Trebon is right next to the pond called Svet and very close to the pond called Rožmberk. This city is known for the  largest fishing farm in Europe, so if you ever show up in Southern Bohemia, don’t forget to go to any restaurant and have some fish dish. In my opinion the best restaurant is called Supinka, where they serve their awesome carp fries. Those are a must-try. 

You can find the famous Schwarzenberg tomb here, which is hidden in the woods and is not easy to find if you don’t know about it. The Masaryk Square is also fantastic – you can buy a hot biscuit, typical for Czech spa places. The castle gardens are also worth a walk.